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The Vandlyz Professional quality 120W UV & LED Lamp will cure all professional and home-use UV gels and LED gels including UV gels, build up gels, UV & LED polishes, base coats and top coats to create very strong salon finishes which last for weeks, the Vandylz VDZ-120w is an essential professional tool for any nail enthusiast.

Being portable the lamp can be used anywhere and is perfect for both professional and home salon set-ups.

Using a 365nm & 405nm dual light source output, together with 36 Long-life LEDs, the expected life of the lights is 100,000+ hours.

With 120watts the VDZ-120w is super-fast curing in as little as 10secs. Suitable for both hands and feet. With easy touch preset Auto Timer selection of 10s/30s/60s/99s.


SKU: LP00100
  • Details

    • High performance LED lamp
    • Auto timer
    • Suitable for hands and feet
    • 120Watt LED Lamp

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